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We proudly do the research to find the best deals, taking the time to go through the trial and error process, so you don’t have to. We show you how to improve your stage lighting so you can have the highest quality stage presence possible, saving you time and money. At Stage Lighting Gurus, we provide beginners guides for those just starting out in the stage lighting field. We have highly informative articles on laser lighting and show you environmentally friendly options, so you can feel good knowing you’re caring for the planet.

Whether you’re just starting out with stage lighting or you’ve worked with it for years, there’s always something new you can learn, and we’re here to teach you. Let our passion for stage lighting give you the tools you need to become a master of your craft. At Stage Lighting Gurus, we give you the in-depth knowledge you need about stage lighting so you can create the light effects you want, all while having a blast!

Here at Stage Lighting Gurus we are super passionate about stage lighting. If you’re looking to upgrade your lighting or to learn more about the differences in the kinds of stage lighting available today you’re in the right place.