The Definitive Guide To The Best Stage Lighting For Your Church

Great church stage lighting has the power to influence the mood and feel of any event. And these days, church stage performances have grown in size and popularity so much that there’s never been a bigger need for getting the right lighting equipment. So, we have picked and reviewed the top 5 stage lighting options for your church and presented them to you in this easy-to-view definitive guide. We’ve also tried to keep the cost down as we all know that stage lights can get very expensive, and while I’m sure you want your church to be really well lit, we don’t want you breaking the budget to get it right. *Please note: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

church stage lighting

So in first place of this definitive guide to the best stage lights for church performances is the Eyourlife LED Stage Lights 8 Lights Package. These 8 LED lights will be enough to ensure your church stage is superbly lit with state-of-the-art modern LED technology and for a price that doesn’t break the bank, let’s check out all the key features:


  • All 8 stage lights use the latest in LED technology with Adopt 54: (RED 12 ,+ GREEN 18, +BLUE 18, +WHITE 6).
  • Made with a tough engineering plastic shell the lights are light weight, extremely durable and with excellent heat dissipation together with a lighting-speed chip design
  • Each 3w high-powered LED stage light has a high maximum brightness level and yet is amazingly low power consumption; ensuring that your church’s electricity bill is under control while still providing exceptionally bright and vivid performance color
  • The lights connect to a 512 signal controller which activates numerous types of color effects, as well as stroboscopic effects, and much more to experiment with to find your perfect church ambiance be it lively or reflective, these lights can adjust to your church stage needs perfectly
  • Each light comes complete with high quality double handles with 2 holes so they can easily be self-supporting, or hung up in the church stage if you prefer

A strong second place in this definitive guide to the best in church lighting of stages is this pack of 4 LED stage lights by CO-Z. We’ve chosen this fanastic set as we are simply amazed at how good they are for the price. It’s true that the price of high-end stage lighting has continued to get lower, but often at the expense of the quality of the lights. But not in the case of these 4 LED stage lights, let’s check out their features:


  • Each of these four fantastic LED stage lights comes with 18 (6 red, +6 green, +6 Blue) high powered 3w single coloured RGB LEDs which ensure a very bright and stunningly vivid display for your church stage lighting
  • This four pack of LED stage lights have a very low power consumption for your church stage needs, as they are built with an ultra quiet fan which dissipates the heat efficiently when turned on
  • As well as being energy saving LED stage lights, they are also designed with service life in mind, so you won’t have to replace these lights for a very long time to come
  • With multiple smart modes available to choose from including color mixing and dimming, you’ll be able to create the perfect atmospheres during your church stage performances
  • Comes complete with fully adjustable sound control master/slave as well as DMX modes which includes an awesome Sound Activated Program which when is connected with the DMX controller can provide colour changes that sync with your church stage music
  • With dual mounted yoke and brackets, you’ll have excellent flexibility when positioning your stage lights correctly to suit your church’s needs, and with 2 sturdy handles enabling the lights to be hung or placed on the stage ground

In third place is the impressive BETOPPER Par Lights 4 LED Package Set. These 18 lamp bead LED lights are well suited to the needs of lighting a church stage and they are very good price for the 4 set as we recommend. Let’s take a closer look at the main features:


  • The 18 lamp bead LED lights are a 1w RGB (6 red, + 6 green, + 6 blue) which work perfectly together to create any lighting colors you would like beamed onto your church stage.
  • The par light has four different control modes which can be auto or sound activated with a 512 master-slave for excellent diversity in the stage lighting effects on show in your church.
  • With more than a guaranteed 50,000 hour lifespan, you won’t be needing to replace these LED stage lights for a long time to come
  • These lights are very easy to install. They come complete with 2 brackets for installation on to a shelf or to be used on the stage floor.

This is a 9-piece LED DJ wall to wash lighting. These lights are permanently installed with two mounts that attach firmly to the wall. The lights are pretty bright and give a great effect as a stationary wash. You can wire these super-cool lights into any of your preferred AC systems. The GBGS RGB Linear Led Wall Wash lights run solid colors which are easily changeable and stunningly emphasize the wall they are installed on. These church stage lighting lights can also serve as an excellent man cave light because it lights up the interiors interestingly. Easy mounting and good lighting!

The light is constructed from a heavy-duty hard plastic and has a nice finish. The all-in-one LEDs are extremely superb for a wide range of color variation for awesome color blending down near the light. The dispersion and brightness of these church stage lighting lights are also superior to many other high-end lights. Like other expensive lights, this can too have a fan for constant cooling of the lighting set. The MFL Led Par Light has a normal life-span of 50k-100k hours. You will love these price-friendly lights.