The Definitive Guide To The Best Laser Lighting For Your Stage

A laser light machine is definitely a must for organizing stage lighting these days. Every DJ or club owner has their own laser stage lighting preferences and requirements but this list compiles our top 4 laser projectors right now that will take your parties to a whole different level. The following choices are made to suit small to medium size events that are either outdoor or indoor – As long as the light level is dim enough outside, these laser stage lights will perform amazingly well and all of them have auto sync sensors so you can relax at the party while your lights bob to the beat!

stage lighting

In first place is the amazing 5 Lens RGB Suny Laser Lights Projector with a staggering 80 different combinations. Let’s take a look at the specs in more detail:


  • Many different laser stage lighting modes to choose from such as: With the Remote Control, AUTO mode, Sound Activated mode, Rotation Effect mode and even Stepping Effect mode which will all give you an amazing experience of stage laser lighting at a low price to match your budget, check out the current price here!
  • Up to 80 combination images to choose from to light your stage, each formed with 20 Patterns using its RGB laser lights, simply fantastic and quite magical effects that are perfect for laser stage lighting events
  • This laser light will work perfectly well in both indoor and outdoor stage uses so if your bar or disco is partly or wholly outdoor, don’t worry, this laser light will work to maximum performance
  • Very lightweight laser light for stage design and not too big and bulky either, it’s constructed from a high-quality metal durable shell, ensuring a longer service life as well as better heat dissipation
  • Perfect laser lighting for all venues including: A DJ stage, for live bands, any bars or pubs, night clubs, even roller skating rinks, KTV, family parties, birthday parties indoor and outdoor

In second place is the Suny Laser Lights Projector – Portable Size which also has a staggering 80 different pattern combinations. Let’s dive into the specs in more detail:


  • Mini portable laser stage light design that’s light weight and made of durable aluminum that can withstand any gig, so it’s able to be put pretty much anywhere or can be hung up easily and not take up much stage room, and being portable it’s less expensive as well, click here to see the current price!
  • Complete with an IR remote control that controls all 80 pattern gobos, giving your laser stage light an edge that your guests won’t forget
  • Auto or sound activated modes with an awesome voice activated sensor that captures any nearby sounds or music which will have your laser lights in sync to the music in no time
  • Suitable laser light for indoor use or outdoor use, discos, ballrooms, hotels, even an ice skating rink, or a public square, or for a small family gathering
  • Shoot distance of up to 100 meters so as long as your stage light environment is dark enough, these laser lights will perform excellently and amaze your guests in attendance

In third place is the Focusam Laser Light Projector with 3 laser lenses, it’s just perfect for lighting parties and clubs. Let’s delve into its specs in some more detail:


  • A very low price for such a good laser stage light, we were very impressed by the value for money, click here to see the current price
  • A solid motion laser projector that will project red & green star patterns together with colorful LED backdrops that will be sure to simply amaze your audiences
  • Extremely light weight for a laser stage light, yet still made from durable aluminum so it won’t break easily if you are taking it to many DJing gigs and parties
  • Several cool play modes such as: Sound active mode, auto mode all with manual or remote controlled modes so you can relax at your own party knowing your laser stage lighting is in full auto control to the music
  • This laser light can be placed upon a table if you would like to shine it straight out at a wall, or if you prefer it to be mounted to a ceiling that’s no problem as well, as you can angle it down

In forth place is the Suny Laser Lights Projector – Portable Size which also has 40 different pattern combinations. Let’s take a peak at the specs in more detail:


  • A handy, mini, portable size laser light projector that’s perfect for most gigging requirements such as a DJ party, a live band, a pub or even a small nightclub, and a low price, click here to check out the price
  • IR remote controls with a red and green laser, together with a blue LED background light, this laser stage light has up to 40 pattern gobos to stun your guests and ensure they have the best time
  • Auto or sound activated with a powerful voice activated sensor that will capture any nearby sounds or music for auto sound syncing, as well as having an activated sensor that even supports voice control
  • This laser light projector is perfect for any stage be it indoor, outdoor, a disco, even ballrooms and ice skating rinks or public places as long as the light is dim enough, this portable laser stage projector will amaze your guests