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Welcome to Stage Lighting Gurus!

Here at Stage Lighting Guru’s we are super passionate about stage lighting. If you’re looking to upgrade your lighting or to learn more about the differences in the kinds of stage lighting available today you’re in the right place.

We’ve compiled some awesome guides to stage lighting for your enjoyment. You can check out our LED Stage Lighting Ultimate Guide for a history of the LED light as well as the various kinds of LED lights you can purchase and why.

Also take a look at our Laser Stage Lighting For Beginners Guide for those of you who, like us, love laser light displays and are wanting to learn more about laser stage lighting technology in modern, practical stage settings this year.

We’ve also written an excellent guide to stage lighting specifically for church stages in our Complete Guide to Church Stage Lighting which covers all you need to know if you have been tasked with upgrading the stage lighting setup at your church.

Stage Lighting Gurus T-Shirts Are On Their Way Soon!

We thought that’s it’s high-time that we broke into the t-shirt merchandise business to herald the success of our website this year. So we are joining up with the nerdy t-shirt company Geek Tees soon and they will be providing us with an awesome and exciting tee shirt range that will display a large selection of stage lighting tees and perhaps even some hoodies as well! We’ll keep you updated on this progress of course and we’ll let you know just when you can get your hands on on some Stage Lighting Gurus Merch real soon. In the meantime, please check out their store too for some geeky tees that are bound to catch the eye.